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Vision & Mission

Excellence in service, safe working practices, cost effective & innovative solutions

Our vision, brand & strategic plan

In 2017 we launched our new purpose driven brand and set our ambitious 5 year strategic plan to become the most dynamic turnkey interior specialist fit-out company in the GCC and UK market

We understand places are only as successful as the people and the system in them

We are a safe pair of hands with a difference

We believe the delivery dynamic is as important as dynamic delivery

We always care for each other, our customers and our communities

We go where your business goes

our approach will always be focused on delivery

Our Ethos and Aspirations

Our Vision - Clarity / Integrity / Professionalism


is essential for delivery of exceptional outcomes and guarantees a transparent, high end experience for our clients. We share our client’s high expectations for high standards.


is paramount to our process of delivering a polished finished product. Top Rock Interiors demands professionalism from its staff and suppliers alike, again giving all our clients a superb outcome and an excellent reason to come back to us time and again.


is a core value of our business. Top Rock Interiors exercise integrity at every phase of the business from business development, throughout the tendering and pricing process through to building and delivering the finished product.

Mission Statement

We continuously strive to create inspiring spaces that exudes luxury and elegance in the Retail, Commercial, Hospitality, Entertainment and Health Care Sectors while delivering high value to our clients with competitive pricing.