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Solid Surface

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We frequently use solid surface materials for seamless surface cladding installations as it mimics the appearance of granite, marble and other naturally occurring material.

Due to its unrivaled performance, the industry has grown exponentially and our in-house team and expertise in solid surfaces has grown accordingly. TRI’s artisans can shape and install functional and decorative surfaces for any possible scenario across any project.

Our dedicated teams are trained in surface fabrication, a distinct professional enterprise that involves complex tasks of surface shaping through cutting, drilling, sculpting and bending.

Surface fabrication takes place in our factories, after which the finished product is assembled and installed at site. We are able to create seamless results through having a wealth of experience in doing multi-part surface installations which involves complex work with specialized tools.

We advise our clients on the various advantages of solid surface materials:

  • Non-penetration
  • Chemical resistance
  • Scratch resistance; stain resistance, heat resistance
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Seamless joins
  • Easy maintenance
  • Yellowing resistance
  • Well bending
  • Ease of fabrication and design
  • 100% renewable and repairable