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Museum Interior Fit Out Ideas and Trends in 2022?

Museum Interior Fit Out Ideas and Trends in 2022?

Over the last few decades, museum design has undergone massive transformations. The booming economy of the late 1990s, which made museum donations plentiful, can be attributed to the increase in attendance over the years. All of the new projects funded by these donations reflect the changing mission of museums as a whole: to attract, engage, merchandise, and educate larger and more diverse audiences.

Museum designs and budgets have grown in size and complexity, and construction teams that do not keep up with these trends will fall behind if they are not careful. In the museum interior design world, the start of a new year means new trends, new colors, and a whole new year of interior design events to look forward to!


Here are some of the latest museum interior fit-out ideas and trends in 2022 as follows:


Museums as Artwork: Architects and designers see the museum as the first piece in the museum’s art collection, rather than just the building that houses it. The structure itself should be an attraction, reflecting the inspired works inside. Many museums have sought out renowned architects to merchandize and gain support for their projects. 


Revenue: Museums today want to maximize revenue, and restaurants and retail are two effective ways to do so. Some museums even treat their retail outlets as separate entities. People can visit their bookstores and restaurants without having to pay admission to the museum. Investing in these aspects of a museum will increase revenue and ensure that the needs of your visitors are met.


Venue: Outside of regular admission fees and retail operations, after-hours events can be a critical business for museums. Most modern museums have a great hall or a large, open, aesthetically pleasing space where events can be held. These areas are important for ceremonial events and museum-specific fundraisers. However, not all museums are willing to do so. Older museums may lack the space to host large events, and some museums have beautiful, open spaces that they would rather keep pristine than use for events.


Flexible gallery space: Until recently, the trend for these temporary exhibits was heavily influenced by the black box look. A critical decision for any museum is whether or not to use natural light, and how much, if any, to use. This concept has since presented new challenges to designers and museum staff, who must now carefully consider how to control temperature, humidity, and lighting to accommodate changing exhibits.


Technology: Museums have been around for centuries, but the technological revolution has not gone unnoticed. New technology has an impact not only on the types of exhibits that museums can host but also on the museum’s overall educational mission.


Parking: Parking has long been a source of frustration for museum owners and architects alike. It’s one of the most important aspects of a museum, but it’s also one of the most difficult to make aesthetically pleasing. Most museum visitors express dissatisfaction with the lack of parking.


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