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Is There a Connection Between Interior Designs & Your Health?

Here are some important aspects to consider during your interior design planning phase while keeping health and wellness as a priority:
1. Clean, Fresh Air & Ventilation
Increasing the inflow of clean air while reducing indoor air pollution is important. Aerosols, cooking gases, and glue in materials can affect the quality of the air indoors. This can be improved by the implementation of air purifiers and also by ensuring there is sufficient insulation and testing to protect against the draft and thereby prevent impure and unfiltered air from entering the house. Rigid filtration systems make the air quality in your indoor environment much cleaner and better.
2. Nourishment
Interiors play a big role in encouraging healthy habits by virtue of the kitchen layout making it simpler to cook meals, storage of fresh ingredients, and even access to fresh produce through gardens and mini plantation areas.
3. Natural lighting
The quality and movement of daylight is an important element to consider during the process of interior design. This is a consideration from full height doors, well-dressed windows with curtains that facilitate natural light entering, and in window size and positioning as well.
Consideration of the circadian rhythm when aligning light levels to biological clocks works well in regulating our natural circadian cycles.
Lighting that allows light bulb temperature to be adjusted according to the time of day works better with one’s natural body clocks or making sure lighting designs are adaptable for indoor living, such as cozy lighting for relaxing and brighter lighting for reading or studying.
4. Fitness & wellbeing
Fitness can be incorporated into interior designs from the start, from spaces to work out, exercise, strategic placement of staircases, and exercise equipment in addition to spacious interiors to provide plenty of room to encourage healthy hobbies and practice healthy habits.
5. Comfortable Interiors

Comfort at home is important to encourage sound quality of sleep, important for well-being and health. This can be implemented by means of soft, natural materials and soothing, calming colors and color themes for the decor. Suitable integration of comfortable elements with calming accents would go a long way in setting the tone for a more relaxed state of mind indoors.

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