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Top Learning Environment Interior Design Trends

Over the years, Top Rock Interiors has completed multiple projects involving learning spaces and educational institutes. It is recognized for its school interior fit out Dubai. The inspirational spaces we create in response to our customers’ needs and goals encapsulate many of today’s contemporary design trends. Below, we share the top trends our design team considers when creating a space for a learning environment.

1. Mobility and Flexibility
Mobility and flexibility are critical when designing today’s educational spaces. Spatial designs that are flexible help support collaboration and creativity while providing educators and students with the ability to reconfigure their space to support different learning styles, group sizes and project needs.

2. Flexible Furnishings for Multi-Purpose Rooms
To create the perfect common space, colleges and universities are looking for one key feature – flexibility. Finding furnishings that can be easily reconfigured for a study group or to accommodate many friends to watch a movie together is a must for college dormitories and lounges.

3. Embracing Technology
While devices can be a legitimate distraction, we’re seeing technology being embraced, and we encourage our education customers to do the same. Sharing digital content is a must to have a functional and connected space. This helps elevate the learning experience.
4. Colorful and Textural Palettes
Color and texture within educational interiors add vibrancy, warmth and aesthetic cohesion. Lighter wood tones, such as natural maples and oaks, are becoming more common, as are bolder color palettes. Small color accents on furniture, such as table edges, can be used to help define zones.
5. Zoning for Collaborative work
Zoning is an inherent part of the creative process as it helps the overall interior function in a variety of ways while supporting different modes of learning and working. For example, zoning can help separate collaborative group work, which may be noisy, from more focused and quieter work environments. Zoning can also help provide different aesthetic experiences within a space. It’s critical to consider how the zones work together within the overall space while each retains a unique and defined identity.
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