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The Importance of Good Joinery Works in Interior Design

Apart from classy design and stylish furniture, good carpentry is what transforms a space into your dream house. Depending on the theme and design that you are going for, carpentry can easily take up 50% of your renovation cost if you are looking into a highly customized abode.

Here are some reasons why joinery can uplift your living space—

  1. Gives a greater impact: Joinery provides a unique, tailor-made space for your interior design. This fact is especially true for larger projects such as a kitchen or a living room.
  2. Clean look: A joinery will help clear out any clutter, providing your interior design with a simple and minimal look. Joineries are also useful for two-material transition, as well as looking neat and sharp for your interior design. You can also incorporate lighting and insert them neatly into your joinery.
  3. Made to measure: Creating the perfect fit might sound like over worn terminology, but the reality is that wooden features in a property can make a dramatic difference to home improvements. Having a made-to-measure piece means that it won’t just fit correctly and look stunning, it will also prolong the lifespan of the wood.
  4. Unbeatable quality: Attention to detail and a quality finish don’t happen by fluke. It’s borne from decades of experience involving master craftsmen who take absolute pride in their work. With bespoke joinery, a quality, lasting finish is the order of the day – on every order.

Interior design firms are not all the same and may have strengths and specializations in different areas. Most firms do not have their own carpentry workshop and they are likely to outsource the carpentry work to other local or overseas carpenters.

Top Rock Interiors has their in-house joinery workshop. We are known for our joinery works in UAE that blend in well with interior fit-outs. Our in-house carpentry team gives us the liberty to provide a customized approach to all our projects. Over the years, TRI has extensively worked with world class brands and companies; emerging as one of the finest Joinery fit out companies in Dubai.