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Pandemic drives shift in Interior fit out trends!

With COVID-19 hitting us out of nowhere, we’re going to have to get used to the “New Normal”. So, does this mean a change for the interior fit out industry? Yes, absolutely. The pandemic has definitely raised awareness on the various customer touch points accessed regularly. Read on to find out the interior fit out trends that will follow!

  • Smart & Scalable Spaces: Space is important, and space has direct financial implications. While many environments called for multi-functional spaces already, companies will want to be able to scale up and down quickly depending on the economic changes. This will consist of moveable, lightweight, and ergonomic elements designed to fit any space and purpose.
  • Sustainable Solutions: The pandemic has made it even more clear to create sustainable solutions. It’s going to be all about protecting the environment by using eco-friendly materials and reducing harmful emissions.
  • Tech-innovation: Density reduction, cellphone controlled elevators, automated doors, remote monitoring, wireless access points – technology will make the fit out far more advanced in terms of how the teams are accessing space in real time.

With offices – a workplace won’t just be a place to sit and work, but a place to communicate and collaborate. With the lockdown, it’s been understood that work can happen from anywhere, so we might see a lot less traditional workspaces, and more of social sitting and collaboration spots.

With retail – there will be a massive increase in automation, and a contactless experience as much as possible. It’s going to be essential to build a positive relationship between your business and the local community to build loyalty and drive sales. The designing and fit outs will have to cater to every type of customer, so going sustainable, building flexibility and setting the tone right will be of utmost importance.

With F&B – it will be even more crucial to see how an experience-driven design, ambience will help create a dining story like never before. Restaurants are also going to want to adopt multi-functional and compact furniture, so as to be able to have different arrangements, and without crunching on space.

Creativity will be at a high to attract and engage customers, clients, diners, employees to get the right confidence! If you can think of any other trends that might follow suit, do drop us a line (or connect with us, or write to us in comments below)