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Common interior design mistakes to avoid.

Interior Designing is surely not everyone’s cup of tea, however, there are certain things one must avoid when planning their interiors. From selecting your furniture to colors to positioning art – there is a lot that goes into Interior Designing, and here are a couple of mistakes you must steer clear of!

  • Do not start without a plan: It literally means you are going to go nowhere! While not all plan undertakings will require scale drawings and a full arrangement of specs, you ought to consistently set up a couple of rules before you start. Regardless of the size of your venture, following a predictable plan style and shading palette will ensure the space comes together at the end. If you still do not know how to, it is best to consult interior fit out contractors in Dubai who undertake design and build work.
  • Do not mix too much: It could be colors, designs or furniture – too much will make your interiors look cluttered, probably small, and over-the-top.
  • Dark Furniture in small spaces: When designing a smaller space, avoid the use of dark colors. They will take away the depth of your room, and make it look smaller.
  • Never lose focus on the lighting element: Sometimes, the most economical installations and few lights lead to basic lighting only. This leaves most homes with either faintly lit spaces or brutal lighting. The secret to guaranteeing each room in your home is agreeable and sufficiently bright is to make a lighting arrangement that incorporates ambient, task and accent lighting. You can accomplish this by using a mix of overhead lights, divider lights, and floor and table lights, which given any event, will add lighting all through your home.

Apart from these, pay special attention to rugs, décor articles, furniture – there is a thought behind placing everything if you are looking for a clean and elegant look, so look out for the small errors, and do not just blindly follow latest trends! If you require any assistance, get in touch with Top Rock Interiors, one of the leading homes and office fit out companies in Dubai, they have worked with some of the best global brands and bring over 16 years of experience to your project!