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Cafe Interior Fit outs in Dubai : The Trends to Watch

Restaurants are constantly evolving. It’s difficult to keep up with the new developments in food service because of technological advances and changes in cultural tastes. To attract more customers, a well-designed cafe or restaurant is important. Every major brand wants their cafe’s interiors to be not only attractive and practical but also strategic and well-organized.

What are the café design patterns and ideas to be aware of if you’re about to open or renovate a coffee shop, café, or casual restaurant?

 Here are a few café interior design trends to keep an eye on in Dubai:

  • Going Green: A lot of people these days are concerned with sustainable interior and green design. They want their interior to be eco-friendly and welcoming to the world. Flowers and plants are currently trending in local cafes and some are bringing it to the next level. People have begun to care about the world, and brands have begun to reflect on this importance to improve customer loyalty.
  • Mix & Match Furniture: People are looking for quirky and trendy décor, so mix and match furniture is a good idea. In cafes, contrasting furniture has become the latest trend, making customers feel even more at ease. Tables and chairs with similar color schemes but different design types can be added.
  • Local Art and Maximalist Walls: Because customers want something different in architecture, some cafes design their interiors using local art as inspiration. They are attempting to encourage local artists’ work on the café’s walls while also promoting the culture of the region. The maximalist style trend, which replaces white walls and a rustic look with saturated colors, bold patterns is also gaining popularity.
  • The Recycle – Chic: Picking up random discarded objects that you believe are old is what the Recycle – Chic is all about. Vintage telephones, old tabletops, and recycled wallpapers are examples of these products. This pattern is close to designs with an industrial theme. Making use of recycled products is a greener choice when it comes to sustainability.
  • Creating smart spaces which are dynamic, scalable, and flexible: Any interior space has a large amount of space. Café owners have begun to use lightweight walls, mobile furniture, and lighting and technology that can be adjusted. They are attempting to build spaces that can be easily and efficiently converted to meet consumer trends without incurring significant costs.
  • Bold Typography: In cafes, doodling with typography is the newest trend. Using bold marquee letters, diagrams, and graphics to make walls pop up and appealing is a fun way to do so. When you use neon type, where the letters are not digital but painted or hand-drawn, it creates an appealing environment.

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