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5 Tips to Avoid Common Office Interior fit out mistakes

A brand new office fit-out has the potential to speak volumes for your company, increasing employee satisfaction while providing a memorable experience to customers and clients. Unfortunately, many business owners’ initial foresight does not always go as planned, and companies are left to pick up the pieces of their ineffective planning.
The most common error that any business or startup can make is to view their office fit-out as an expense rather than an investment. Fitting out your office should never be a waste of time or money, so avoid these common mistakes to propel your business forward. It’s no secret that poor office design can reduce employee productivity while also making everyone unhappy.
Here are five tips to avoid common office interior fit-out mistakes
Poor planning
A high-quality office design does not appear anywhere. To achieve the best results, a great deal of effort and planning is required. The planning stage allows you to iron out any potential issues that may arise during the fit-out process, and by designing your office ahead of time, you can avoid ad hoc work that looks bad.

The wrong open layout
Companies make the mistake of focusing solely on the open concept and failing to consider the needs of their employees. You can tailor your open office plan to create a versatile work area because agile workspaces focus largely on key areas that all serve a different purpose. Those who need privacy to concentrate can have it, while those who work in a team will have areas designed to maximize their efficiency.

Poor lighting
The significance of lighting cannot be overstated. Without it, your employees will be unable to see what they are doing. Artificial lighting should be distributed evenly throughout the office to ensure that your office receives the proper amount of light. Natural light should also be used whenever possible, such as by effectively using windows to filter natural light through the office.
Bad acoustics
If the acoustics in your office is not properly designed, it will result in a noisy workplace where voices and small noises travel into every inch and corner of the room. People are now opting for agile seating rather than closed cubicle space. Acoustic materials should be used in walls to absorb and reduce noise levels.

Poorly designed reception area
The reception area is where employees, visitors, new hires, and potential clients will get their first impression of your company. The reception area at the front of your office should be welcoming, professional, spacious, and easy to find. Never store files, extra boxes, or other junk in this area. Plan ahead of time how you will use storage and minimize visible clutter.

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